Coffee Tables by GOWE

Coffee Tables by GOWE

Using beats Aruarian Dance from the late Nujabes, GOWE adds his own lyrics to bring you “Coffee Tables”. With Valentines day coming up right around the corner, Gowe’s latest track captures the interaction between two individuals with a special connection. Love the story line for this music video. You can get the single FREE here.

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Coffee Tables by GOWE

Lyrics to Coffee Tables by GOWE

I feel the warm lights shining on my table it reflected
The coffee in my stomach kept me
focused and invested But even if it didn’t I was never
a big fan of it could never drink a can of this but
on this night I’ll handle it cause this is really nice
we’re sitting by the avenue A bunch of homey tabletops
and people on a carousel
The weather isn’t terrible a little cold
but bearable and I don’t really mind in front of me
is sitting you – a picture of the beautifulest girl I ever witnessed
And im looking with my soul so my eyes wont get it twisted
Cause beauty it fleets and charm it deceits but a real woman
for the Lord is the one I can keep. See?
bet you didn’t notice that my mind it
Re-promoted a bunch of
Quotes in my memory, your latte is a Venti
You must be really thirsty
wait I wonder if you heard me Cause my mind goes on tangents
I promise that its perfectly
Fine and its real and I hope you never finish
The coffee in your cup cause this conversations endless
And it really is a blessing like our time of adolescence
In my mind Im feeling destined
reflection of a crescent Sitting on the lake
and so my mind it takes a picture
The coffee’s going quicker you’re like sugar to my bitterness
this, is the perfect intervention
Every second is a way deeper connection
Looking in your eyes is like a moment steady frozen
We feel like two boats drifting in the ocean

I feel the warm lights shining and its perfect
Take a sip from my cup and these verses
Come to my mind like a letter that I wrote ya
On the table top I see a latte and a mocha x2

I hear the passion in your voice
and it sorta kinda gets me the kind of voice that I miss
when life tries to test me
Stress free, maybe, been feeling kinda crazy
Thinking bout the ‘future’ while the ‘Present’s under my tree
And I ain’t opened none of them been waiting for ya
Instead of rainy corners you’re like sunny California
And you’re shining like an ornament
feeling kind of fortunate write it in my heart
so I could really make a song of it
We taking off into the stars inside a spaceship
The way you compliment my patterns like a bass hit
And we’re just soaring through
the planets of our galaxy
excuse the different calories of drinks they’re just casualties
Looking in your eyes I can see you’re so attentive
Independent so I’m pensive by the minute
And I checked your collection of your mp3s
You got a bunch of soul child and some TLC
And maybe this is just a moment
that’ll pass us by floating in the sky, we could live like we never tried
But I could never live a life that’s so planned and ordinary
Invitations had to follow my heart
I hear the loud steps coming like they’re closing down the shop up
Its Around ten o clock and we just started talking bout us
The cup is empty and you slowly start to fade away
I hear my cell phone pumping out an 808
What, what is this, out of all the nights this could have happened
Had to catch me napping when I had a deeper interaction
I thought I met you, I guess I haven’t yet
Its time to document my dreams paint to nujabes x4

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