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January 26th, 2012

Dear Archer by Brooke Taylor

by Kevin Hsieh - channel APA

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Dear Archer by Brooke Taylor

Los Angeles based R&B singer Brooke Taylor dropped her music video for “Dear Archer” off her Live On Virtuous Energy (L.O.V.E.) album. For the single, the piano laced track is accompanied by her soulful vocals. In the video, she sings a letter to “Archer,” a man she once loved, but ultimately played her in the end. Through her song, she tells of her emotional pain that she felt and can’t take any longer. You can download the single FREE below:

Get ready for more Brooke Taylor in 2012. She is going to introduce you to love. Are you ready for L.O.V.E?

Dear Archer by Brooke Taylor

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