Sh*t White Guys Say… to Asian Girls

Sh*t White Guys Say... to Asian Girls

Grumpy Panda Films deliver their parody of “Sh*t Girls Say” with a yellow fever focus. Comedian Cindy Fang wears a wig and mustache to bring you “Sh*t White Guys Say… to Asian Girls”. BEfore you get offended, here’s a quick FAQ about the video:

Q: Is this exaggerated? Do white guys REALLY say that to Asian girls?
A: Yes. And yes.

Q: Is that a fake wig and mustache?
A: Good eye! That is indeed a fake wig. The mustache is my own.

Q: I think this is offensive and that you’re a (bleeping) (bleep)!
A: If you think this is offensive, check out our other videos! You might be surprised!

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Sh*t White Guys Say… to Asian Girls