This Ain’t The Way by Jeremy Passion x Tori Kelly

This Ain't The Way by Jeremy Passion x Tori Kelly

Singer Jeremy Passion x Tori Kelly get together for the song “This Ain’t The Way” off his “For More Than a Feeling” album. The two voices complement each other as they sing about the struggles in love and relationships. Here’s more about the song from Jeremy Passion:

I wrote this song for the couples out there that are going through some rough times in their relationship. Don’t forget that you guys aren’t enemies, but a team. Hold it down for each other.

I had the pleasure of working with the ever talented and lovely, Tori Kelly on this song for my new album. Her vocals are also present in 4 other tracks on the album and I wanted to share this song in particular with you all because it’s one of my favorite songs off the album!

You can download the album on For More Than a Feeling - Jeremy Passion or amazon

This Ain’t The Way by Jeremy Passion x Tori Kelly

Lyrics to This Ain’t The Way by Jeremy Passion x Tori Kelly

Stepped off the peak of a good time
Right back to the valley of a bad rhyme
All these ups and downs, can we turn around
And stay high
High above the sky? But gravity…
Sometimes it feels good
Sometimes it don’t
Then at times, it’s visible
Sometimes less shown
Gotta work this out no other way around
We’re both grown
You and I, baby you and I

Darlin’ take my hand
Realize we’re on the same team
Try to understand that I’m not your enemy
Let’s work it out
Give and take or
Agree to disagree cuz
This ain’t the way love supposed to be

Just the other day, we were doin’ fine
Even on a rainy day we had sunshine
But just like a hat, you snapped back
You changed your mind
Ooo boy, tell me why you gotta this all the time?
You say I got alot of fire? Well you’re cold as ice
If people only knew that you are not always nice
Bite your tongue, watch your tone
Think before you speak
You gotta know what this woman needs


It ain’t hard to see we need a change
Cuz we know our love is not the same
Baby, this ain’t a riddle
Gotta meet in the middle
This time

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  1. a.harper

    I love this song!!!!!!!!! I am a full time fan of jeremy passion and i gotta say i was blown away by tori kelly’s voice such a beautiful song and you guys should do more duets cause you sound great together if u ever read this 😀

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