Doin’ The Landry by Jin

Doin' The Landry by Jin

Rapper Jin dropped a new track “Doin’ The Landry” about the Knicks Landry Fields. The teammate and partner in crime on the court with Jeremy Lin gets a tribute from the emcee about his Christian faith and basketball skills. Jin shines the spotlight on Landry. Would LINSANITY even exist without this man’s couch? Even the the on court handshake between Jeremy Lin and Landry Fields gets a mention. You can download the track for FREE here.

Here’s more from Jin about the song:

…it might be good to take a moment and readjust the spotlight just slightly to acknowledge some of the figures who have played a key role in this Linderella Story according to the man himself.

Solid stats. Impressive performance at the Shooting Stars event this past weekend. Now would be a good time we all start #DoinTheLandry.

As much as Jeremy emphasizes the kind of positive encouragement that his buddy provides both on and off the court, you’d think someone would take initiative and show #2 some love! I got you!

Catch the JINSANITY. Also listen to his song “Nick of Time“.

Doin’ The Landry by Jin

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