Jeremy Lin: To The Point interview

Jeremy Lin: To The Point interview
In an exclusive 1-on-1 interview for MSG Networks, Jeremy Lin sits down to talk with Spero Dedes about his rise to stardom. He talks about the LINsanity and how his life has changed. People who don’t watch basketball are tuning in just to watch Jeremy Lin play. Listen as he shares about how he got his break to play a much bigger role with the New York Knicks. While people still doubted his skill prior to the Nets game, he proved the haters otherwise. Lin launched into the stratosphere with his performance against Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers. His downtown shot against the Raptors

His faith in God kept him through the ups and downs before LINsanity took hold. As recent as a few weeks ago he was crashing on the couches of his older brother and Landry Fields. His journey as an Asian American in the sport allows him to play a unique role in the community, while his faith keeps him humble and grounded. He’s gone from bench player to a leader of the team with sights focused on winning it all. After his basketball days are over, Jeremy Lin hopes to combine his desire to be a pastor with community work targeting at risk youth and underprivileged kids,

Get the lowdown straight from Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin: To The Point

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