Kiss by TC x The Geunj

Kiss by TC x The Geunj

Singers TC (aka Tiffany Chung) x The Geunj (aka Sam Kang) released the duet “Kiss”. The soft flowing single provides a romantic ambiance of love. Here’s more about the track:

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

On a day where we celebrate love and the people that we love most, we wanted to share some music to mark such a joyous occasion.

With the help of Westscape Media, we were able to put together a last minute video for you all to enjoy!!!

As you celebrate this Valentine’s Day, we hope this video encourages you to show the people closest to you, how much you love and appreciate them.

Until next time…Peace, love and harmony!!!

TC & The Geunj

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Kiss by TC x The Geunj

Lyrics to Kiss by TC x The Geunj

I must be lucky or this must be my day
It’s the warmth of holding you till I’m infused by your scent
I think it’s something I can feel for myself`
Could it get any better than this, I’m holding my breath
For a kiss

Unyielding motion that’s wrapped in a smile
But you seem so steady as I am burning inside
I feel the warmth as I have fallen too deep
Now I know that you know me though I’ve been told to believe
It’s just a kiss
For a kiss

Close your eyes and we can float away
All alone through this crowded place
Maybe you and I can find some time
Till forever or more
So baby move your lips
Come close I need this kiss
No time to fake I just can’t explain

The sweetest touch that I just can’t get enough
Could it get any better than this I’m holding my breath

For a kiss