Sunset Stories with Sung Kang

Sunset Stories with Sung Kang

Sunset Stories is a dark comedy, part After Hours and part Chunking Express, combining satire and awkward, relentless denial. May (Monique Gabriela Curnen) and JP (Sung Kang) are each other’s perfect excuse for imperfect lives. Their unexpected reunion forces the couple to explore issues of penance and self-forgiveness through the genre of a chase movie. Here’s more about the film:

May, a high-strung and overly meticulous nurse with a swearing problem, must return to Los Angeles to retrieve bone marrow for a transplant. Soon after her trip begins, her world turns upside down when past and present collide and she runs smack into JP, the man she left behind five years ago. Flustered, May loses the cooler containing the marrow. With only 24 hours remaining, the two embark on an offbeat search through the streets of Los Angeles only to discover that just when you think all is lost you find what you least expected. The closer they get, the closer they come to finding the truth of what went so terribly wrong between them.

Propelled by insults from strangers, running from the past, losing time, and navigating through the world of the post-hipster, Sunset Stories visually carries the story through a use of macro-close up, wide city landscapes and a restless, voyeuristic camera to fuel the emotional urgency of the characters and heighten the joy ride for the audience.

Sung Kang interview about Sunset Stories

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