Help fund Today’s the Day by Daniel Cloud Campos

Help fund Today's the Day by Daniel Cloud Campos

Part Filipino cancer Daniel Cloud Campos (He’s the illister in the LXD series.) is trying to transition from dance to filmmaking. His project “Today’s the Day” blends music, song and dance together to bring you a unique story. Here’s more about the project:

“Today’s the Day” follows a kid who works as an intern at STAR TALENT, one of the top dance agencies in town, and his dream in life is to become a professional dancer. He knows he’s meant for so much more, but he lacks the courage and confidence to fight for it…until, today. The film is also about standing up against insecurity, doubt and fear and protesting that, “Today’s the day I make my dreams come true! I will no longer be the wall that stands in my way.” Because we are whatever we imagine ourselves to be. All we need is to believe it…

Daniel Cloud Campos is looking to make a short film first and pitching later on to be a full length feature. You can support him here.

Help fund Today’s the Day by Daniel Cloud Campos

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