Mistakes by Michael Carreon

Mistakes by Michael Carreon

Singer Michael Carreon released a snippet of his new song “Mistakes” off his upcoming debut full length album “Love Adolescent.” Although it’s a rough cut, sounds like Michael is going down a sensual road. Love will be in the air for his new album. Previously, he dropped the track Love Letter.

Listen to more from Michael Carreon: Pretty (Crushed), Thoughts and We Can.

Mistakes by Michael Carreon

Lyrics to Mistakes by Michael Carreon

Ive seen that look before
and I’m givin the same one back
I’m thinking that
i wanna see more
of your body
i know you wanna take me home
because your eyes are saying so
and i think we should hit it one time
its ok to get crazy sometimes

lets make mistakes
we can start off with a back rub
bubbles in the bath tub
but then we’d be grindin ridin
on that bottom lip bitin
moanin groanin
sweaty collar bonin
screamin feanin
heavy breathing
so lets make mistakes

you know we be on that teasin n squeezin
body pleasin skin sin
cause i guess its naughty season
and if you want me to be gentle
sensual i can go n light some candles
but then I’m gonna go off rip your clothes off
maybe give me a solo dolo
don’t be afraid to show off
with the way you say

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