Sleazy 3.0 by Lil Crazed x Traphik x Auburn

Sleazy 3.0 by Lil Crazed x Traphik x Auburn

Rappers Lil Crazed x Traphik x Auburn get together for a remix of Ke$ha’s “Sleazy 3.0″. The trio take turns killing it on the mic. Lil Crazed kicks things off, followed by Traphik, and Auburn closes it out. See why 2012 maybe an even bigger breakout year for these artists. You can download the track FREE here.

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Sleazy 3.0 by Lil Crazed x Traphik x Auburn (contains explicit lyrics)

Partial lyrics to Sleazy 3.0 by Lil Crazed x Traphik x Auburn

~Okay I’m young and I’m reckless, I do it bigger like texas
Though I aint whipping a lexus, I still be pimping ya exes,
I’m in a honda with sandra ya baby mama in common with this chick,
they both sucked my finish the sentence
And I keep winning and wining like there’s no limit to Alex
so if u wanna get on my level u better Switch it to expert
But most can’t be me, can’t see me like finding fish in the desert
So If u a hater see u later take a trip to the Exit
like bye….bye, hasta luego,
i got a chick i call Bay, that’s cuz she came from Francisco
i got a chick i call J, that’s cuz her booty like J-Lo
and both chicks get the goods, cuz they’re looking muy bueno,
i’m saying, hold up, hold up, hold up, stop there,
i’m royal in this game it’s clear you lames are not player,
and you a clown from a carnival, i am not fare (fair),
cuz i’m top tier, and you are bottom rear,
i’m outta here, i’m faded like more then outerwear,
with a goldilocks laying in my bed she call me papa bear,
stop it there, it’s obvi, i’m cocky, but try and stop me, i dare,
you to, but you dudes are like broken bluetooth, you can’t compare (come pair)
i got a motto i follow, dropped down to 4 letters,
KEWS, kill ‘em with success and now who do it more better
that’s why the ladies always looking towards my 4th letter
so i let ‘em have the D, full court pressure