Awakening EP by Aziatix

Awakening EP by Aziatix

The world is AWAKENING to Aziatix! Aziatix, the powerhouse trifecta consisting of members Flowsik, Eddie Shin and Nicky Lee, have infiltrated the American pop-consciousness as the biggest Asian American group since Far East Movement. Their new EP AWAKENING debuted at #1 on iTunes R&B/Soul charts in America, Japan, and Korea. Aziatix’s immense success is due to their ability to create stellar music around messages of strength and hope during a time when economic recession, natural disasters, and political unrest are rampant in our world.

Having set the record (upon launch) on YouTube for most subscriptions by a group, Aziatix uses their videos to bring the uplifting music to life. Now, Aziatix has a fresh way for listeners and your readers to experience AWAKENING through their new interactive playlist. The EP features 6 songs including:

Speed of Light
If I Saw You Again

You can get the album on Awakening - EP - AZIATIX .

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Playlist for Awakening EP by Aziatix