Hunter by Baiyu

Hunterby Baiyu

Hunting may be a sport for some, but it is a way of life for others. With her third release entitled “Hunter, pop/R&B artist Baiyu takes her “audience through a journey of sound in an exploration of any and all things fundamental to the cravings of human nature. Baiyu explains, “I feel like we’re all Hunters in our own right, whether we’re looking for glory or acceptance; love or revenge; or even just the simple things in life that put a smile on our faces—it is a quest for something that is in a way almost primal and innate to our individual characters.”

Hunter‘s tracklist is comprised of thirteen tunes whose tone ranges from Electro-Pop to R&B to haunting Indie-esque melodies all blanketed with Baiyu’s deep rooted soulful musicality—each touching upon something that Baiyu herself is hunting for. It features a range of artist with whom Baiyu has collaborated with including Los of the Bad Boy family, Rotimi of the series Boss on the STARZ Network, Barbadian born Soul/R&B singer Hal Linton, as well as former American Idol contestant Paul Kim. The majority of the album is produced by KQuick of Grand Staff LLC who’s known for his work in collaboration with Ryan Leslie, Chris Brown, Fabolous, and Mya; as well as contributing production from Vaughn-J and Hal Linton.

In the coming days, the Hunter project will grow beyond its musical component and extend into a book of poetry, as well as the release of Baiyu’s comic book series and animated short titled The Illuminators.

In the meantime, here’s the tracklisting for Hunter:

1.Journey Of Souls
2. Vertigo (ft. Los)
3. Invisible (ft. Rotimi)
4. Hunter
5. Mind Freak
6. Lost in Lisbon (ft. Hal Linton)
7. Laws of Attraction
8. Good Life
9. Ashes To Ashes
10. White Dove
11. Lost and Found
12. Make Believe (ft. Paul Kim)
13. Another Lifetime

You can download the mixtape FREE here.

Listen to more Baiyu on these tracks: Invisible, Make Believe, I Miss You For Now , Together, Sweet Misery, Take a Number, and When We Dance.

Make Believe by Baiyu x Paul Kim

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