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KURATAS robotic suit by Suidobashi Heavy Industry

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Buy Cheap Zyban Online - Generic Pills Online. follow url; buy zyban uk online; generic zyban online; buy zyban online us; zyban buy online Japanese tech company Suidobashi Heavy Industry has released the KURATAS robotic suit making us all one step closer to Gundam-style technology. KURATAS is the first giant boarding-robot, which is about four meters height (about 13 feet tall). Piloted by humans, it’s got the most advanced control system with the AE “V-Sido”. Not only can you operating KURATAS in the cockpit, but you can also enable controls and interaction with Kinect. You can operate it easily without taking a professional training such as a combat plane. Additionally, you can control KURATAS via the mobile 3G Internet access.

Commander Viagra En Ligne ventolin tablet prescription cheap ventolin australia ventolin no prescription uk ventolin hfa 90 mcg inhaler cost ventolin Personalization and customization is available for your unit. Whether it’s holding a squirt gun like fire fighter, painting a body camouflage like ranger in jungle, giving a mop and a cleaner like home cleaning robot, it’s really up to you. KURATAS can also be armed with a multi-rocket launcher that fires plastic rockets filled with compressed water or two Gattling cannons that can shoot a about 6,000 plastic BBs per minute when you smile.

Height : about 4,000 mm
Width: about 3,000 mm
Length : about 4,000 mm
Weight : about 4,500 kg
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Ultraviolet by AM Kidd

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| Best Deals🔥 |. Free Bonus Pills ☀☀☀ where to click answers ☀☀☀,coupons 50% off. Buy Now » Rapper AM Kidd released his music video for his single “Ultraviolet”. In his music video, he utilizes blacklight to illustrate his ultraviolet vision of his girl. Her beauty and time with him is unparalleled. The song gives you a new look on love.

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Ultraviolet by AM Kidd

Lyrics to Ultraviolet by AM Kidd

Soon as she calls, I’m with it.
and I offer to pick her up
she had a long day
so she wants to get dressed up
wearing all red, she’s power
moonlight on her side
she let her hair down
and her head is held up high
walking slow, looking calm
she gets attention
she keeps it quiet
but she controls the conversation
these lights are bright but she’s brighter
no need for flashes
one thought of her and my mind
is doing back flips
so I’m taking my notes. taking my time
I see the poem in her eyes.. line for line
and I feel like I have known for her
couple years or more
before my life was plain
now she’s my decor
she keeps her secrets guarded
in her secret garden
her eyes are deep blue
oceans in her body
she got it all, got it all… but she stays silent
I hope she sees this in herself

I hope she sees this in herself
and she knows it’s there
Running through my
You’ve been running through my veins

So I step into her space, she gets into her zone
She sees this day by day. It’s like her second home
Her mind is always cautious and her eyes roam on their own
Her hands are by her side and her heart is in control
she knows… how this goes
her head is on my chest, eyes closed, and breathing slow
I feel her smile
and she looks at me and whispers
“Baby, did you know it’s been a while? But I trust you now.”
Her perfume is getting deeper in my pillows
No need for silly labels, our kisses make it official
Our chemistry’s complex but as simple as a “Hello”
But to get her she just needed me to solve all of her riddles
so I did, I did it and provided her with proof
that I put my all in this and I’ve been inside her shoes
that It’s hard to love somebody but it’s harder to deny it
I hope she sees this in my eyes

F x F by The Flavr Blue

F x F by The Flavr Blue

Sister of singer Hollis Wong-wear of Canary Sing is part of a new group “The Flavr Blue.” The first single from the group is “F x F” on their debut album “Pisces.” The music video for “F X F” traces the irreverence and revenge of a girl’s night out. Destructive female forces in action. In the video, a trio of women destroys an exes apartment and trashes his most valued possessions. Don’t get on the wrong side of this girl.

You can get the track on F x F - Pisces or amazon.

F x F by The Flavr Blue (contains explicit lyrics)

Takeoff by M.i.C

Takeoff by M.i.C

Part Filipino R&B/POP/HipHop artist M.i.C released the music video “TakeOff”. The member of the group N3W ERA is moving down the solo route trying to get things soaring for his music career. He’s on the grind trying to sell out shows and make some dough. While watching others succeeding in music, M.i.C. aims to follow them and carve out a piece of the pie himself. No stopping til he gets there. He’s boarding his plane now as he takes flight.

Listen to more flight inspired songs: Boeing Jets, Like a G6, Wings Up, First Flight, and Paper Planes.

Takeoff by M.i.C (contains explicit lyrics)

The Break Up by Young Chariz x Alex Carbonel

The Break Up by Young Chariz x Alex Carbonel

Rapper Young Chariz joins singer Alex Carbonel for the music video “The Break Up”. In the video, follow the ups and downs of their relationship. From having fun when they first meet to fighting with each other two years later, the couple gradually grows apart. While Young Chariz wants to work things out, Alex doesn’t want anything to do with him. Will they be able to save their relationship or will it fall apart completely? You can download the single FREE here.

Listen to more Young Chariz music: Dead End Job, The Final Curtain, The Next Level, No Talkin’, The Way She Moves, Do The Damn Thang, and iGoRilla.

The Break Up by Young Chariz x Alex Carbonel

Powerhouse Season 2 Episode 21

Powerhouse Season 2 Episode 21

In the Powerhouse episode “Summer Olympics”, Rick educates Tim and Pedro about the Olympics. With the potential of fame and glory, Tim and Pedro decide to use their superpowers to compete in the Olympic games. Training at their home for these two don’t go quite well. However, can these guys still make the Olympic team with their special powers?

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Powerhouse Season 2 Episode 21 (contains explicit language)