Baiyu on The Next with Nelly

Baiyu on The Next with Nelly
Tonight singer Baiyu will be on CW’s The Next with rapper Nelly. Baiyu will be representing New York as she appears on the show. The program highlights the hottest musical talents in six cities across the United States that are on the verge of stardom. These local and national artists are all celebrities in their own right, but may just need that extra push to make it to the top. With the help of mentor Nelly, watch as Baiyu takes to the stage after 72 hours of intense preparation, and puts on the performance of a lifetime. Nelly will guide Baiyu by immersing himself in the her life. He will go to work with her and socialize with her, all the while preparing them for their big performance. Here’s more from Baiyu:

Hey guys!

I had the exciting chance to be mentored by Grammy winning MC Nelly as one of four finalists representing New York for a show on the CW Network called “The Next”! Nelly and I had 72 hours to get me prepped for the biggest performance I’ve ever had thus far in my career at the Paramount Theater, where I go head to head with the three other contestants.

I’m super nervous yet super excited to see if I go through to represent New York in the next round, and I hope you guys will tune in to cheer me on! For those of you who have known me for a while, you totally understand how hard I’ve been working on putting my music out here, and how much this whole thing means to me, and has meant to me for a really long while.

I feel really blessed that I’m able to share this experience and this night with you, and hope that you’re able to join in on this Thursday night at 9/8c to catch the episode.

Thank you with all my heart…

Listen to more Baiyu on these tracks: Make Believe, Invisible, I Miss You For Now , Together, Sweet Misery, Take a Number, and When We Dance.

Baiyu on The Next with Nelly

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