Chink the movie teaser

Chink the movie teaser

Chink the movie just concluded production a few months ago and now the first glimpse of the bloody teaser is making its way online. Chink is about an Asian American man who has internalized the racism he felt as a child and turned it into a hatred of all Asians – including himself. Meet Eddy Tsai. He hates being Asian. He’s even changed his last name to “Richards” and lies that he was adopted by Caucasian parents. His anger and his desire to be like his hero (Ted Bundy) leads him to violence and ultimately to his dream of becoming the greatest serial killer in history.

The film stars Jason Tobin (Better Luck Tomorrow and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift), Eugenia Yuan (Memoirs of a Geisha), Rane Jameson (The People I’ve Slept With), Shoshana Bush (Dance Flick), Kenzie Dalton, and Tzi Ma (Rush Hour).

The micro-budget feature CHINK was shot on location in Los Angeles in late June through early July 2012. The team was fortunate enough to have an extremely talented crew. Without their hardwork and dedication the film would not have been possible.

Chink the movie teaser (contains graphic violence)

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