Bruno Mars on Saturday Night Live (SNL) : October 2012

Bruno Mars on Saturday Night Live (SNL) : October 2012

Double threat Bruno Mars brought it to SNL over the weekend. He pulled double duty as host and musical performer. (We’ve seen some of his humor in The Lazy Song, The Lazy Song with Leonard Nimoy, and Whatta Man). The singer faced his nerves head-on and opened the shows with a musical number. Bruno showed this comedic chops with several skits and a couple of musical performances. He shows his robotic movements at the Amusement Park, where things get spooky when the Merryville Halloween animatronics act out on a broken ride. For the mock TV show Haters, he plays a young girl on the talk show with boos for everyone, trolls the bottom of the barrel for guests and haters. In Sad Mouse, Bruno suits up as an emotionally distraught mascot works for tips in Times Square and finds true love. In the Pandora sketch, he becomes the human jukebox Devin, the Pandora intern. As people select songs on Pandora after the power goes out, he tries his best to sing song to keep Pandora going including Green Day, Aerosmith, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Louie Armstrong, and Michael Jackson singles. (The Pandora sketch is not available online probably due to rights issues). In addition to skits and sketches, Bruno Mars performed two of his latest songs Locked Out Of Heaven and Young Wild Girls.

Listen to more Bruno Mars: Mirror, It Will Rain, Lighters, Grenade, The Lazy Song, Just the Way You Are, and Liquor Store Blues.

Bruno Mars on Saturday Night Live (SNL) : October 2012

Pandora sketch with Bruno Mars

Behind the scenes Bruno Mars on Saturday Night Live (SNL)

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  1. Riley

    For his first time hosting, he seemed he seemed natural in all of his impersonations, such as during my favorite skit, Pandora Intern. I think he was great as the musical guest and host of SNL. I couldn’t see the show live the other night since I was working late at DISH. I set up my Hopper to automatically record the show so I could watch it the next morning. It’s nice that I can have the entire season on my DVR, and still have plenty of recording space left over. Bruno Mars is one of my favorite artists, and I hope he hosts again soon.

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