12 Days of Kindness with Jubilee Project

12 Days of Kindness with Jubilee Project
The guys of The Jubilee Project created a campaign to inspire people to participate in simple acts of kindness. Throughout the month, they will take part in various activities that will help change the world. And you can participate too. As you complete each day, you can show your support on facebook and twitter with hashtags @JubileeProject and #12DOK. Here’s the 12 Days of Kindness:

Day 1 (Monday December 3): JP Day of Commitment: The greatest journeys begin with the first step of courage. Change your facebook and twitter profile pictures to the #12DOK images here

Day 2: (Tuesday December 4): JP Day of Hope: Hope is what sustains our soul. Write a simple message of hope on a sticky note and place it in a public place for someone to find.

Day 3: (Wednesday December 5): JP Day of Fasting – When we enter into another person’s struggle, we become empowered to help carry their pain. Go hungry for one meal today and donate the money you would have used to buy food to an organization that serves the hungry.

Day 4: (Friday December 7): JP Day of Love – The reason why we live is love. Create an anonymous care package for someone who needs to know they are loved. The care package can include snacks, an encouraging note, photos and/or anything else you want to include to lift their spirits.

Day 5: (Sunday December 9): JP Day of Rest: In order to love others, we must first replenish our own hearts. Spend the day laughing and not thinking about anything related to school or work. Do something that gives you energy and joy.

Day 6: (Tuesday December 11): JP Day of Creativity – We were given gifts so that we can bless others. We leave this day up to you, but we encourage you to use your gifts to make someone feel loved. But be creative and courageous!

Day 7: (Thursday December 13): JP Day of Peace – Adversity between friends is like a disease that destructs joy. Think of someone who you need to reconcile with. Reach out to them and schedule a coffee, meal or phone call and spend the conversation being humble, open and honest.

Day 8: (Saturday December 15): JP Day of Encouragement – One word of encouragement will transform someone’s day. Stand in a public area for an hour holding signs of encouragement to passing people or cars.

Day 9: (Tuesday December 18): JP Day of Joy – Joy is meant to be experienced with others. How many people can you give a piece of joy to today? Spend the whole day hugging as many people as you can, and yes, even strangers.

Day 10: (Thursday December 20): JP Day of Courage: A simple act of courage can change the world. Talk to a complete stranger today (but remember to be safe!). Spend the time learning their story and find ways to serve them in some way.

Day 11: (Saturday December 22): JP Day of Service – We are our greatest selves when we serve others. Spend the day at a food kitchen, homeless shelter or any volunteer center helping those who need your help.

Day 12: (Saturday December 29): JP Day of Giving – It is a blessing to give to those who lack. Collect any clothes, books, toys and other things you may not need, and donate it to your local Goodwill or donation center.

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12 Days of Kindness with Jubilee Project