Dear Michael, You’re Welcome album by Mike B.

Dear Michael, You're Welcome album by Mike B.

Rapper Mike B. dropped his album “Dear Michael, You’re Welcome”. It’s a personal 13 track album that has transformed him into an artist with a purpose. His music speaks volumes as his supporting cast behind the scenes help to mold him to the rapper he is today. He’s gonna do what is takes to rise in the music game. Life is what you make of it, so chase your dreams. Here’s the tracklisting for his album:

1. Life Is What You Make It
2. Dreaming Out Loud ft. Breezy Lovejoy
3. Q&A ft. Toestah
4. Light Up ft. Camryn
5. Fly Me To The Moon ft. JAZZ&THEGIANT
6. Pinot Noir ft. Vincent Lacsamana
7. JAZZ&THEGIANT: Private Party ft. Mike B.
8. Gary Payton
9. Angel Eyes ft. JAZZ&THEGIANT
10. Cheap Thrills ft. Clemm Rishad
11. All Night ft. Jennifer Chung
12. All Around The World
13. Bruce Wayne ft. Brenda Lee

Previously, he’s released several collab joints with JAZZ&THEGIANT. Definitely, peek those out. Listen to more Mike B.: Private Party, Roll Credits, On Top of the World, Light Up, Be With Me, Loves Me Not and All My Time.

Dear Michael, You’re Welcome album by Mike B.

Gary Payton by Mike B. (contains explicit lyrics)

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