Live “For the Moment” with Boombox Saints

Live “For the Moment” with the Boombox Saints

They’re fun, funky, and fashionable. I love that about men! They walk to the beat of their own drum, and yes, Boombox Saints create their music the same way.

The quartet, Freeky P, Adlib, Huggy Fresh, and DJ Relik, are fresh-to-def, sneaker fiends who carry a certain magnetism about them that goes beyond captivating….and they’ve got the skills to prove it. For a group that just dropped their debut album, Boombox Saints have already performed alongside the likes of Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Far East Movement, Jay Electronica, and many more.

You can’t really pinpoint their sound because there are so many influences (Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop) to it, which are all blended together to create the tune of this group.

Yes, Boombox Saints, in their style and music, was born to stand out. Just check their debut album, “For The Moment”, and listen for yourself (It’s free, bro). Did I mention it just hit #1 on the National Top 10 Hip-Hop Chart in Canada?

They don’t need the money (well…that’s going a bit overboard), but they do it “for the love, for the hate, for the joy and the pain, for the rest of their lives, forever, for the moment”.

The guys of Boombox Saints….just who are these guys?

The name, Boombox Saints, is quite memorable. How did you guys come up with it?
Huggy Fresh: The name Boombox Saints is a spin off from the movie Boondock Saints where the movie revolves around 2 brothers who kill in the name of God, except what we’re killin’ is boring & whack music (laughs) jokes jokes, not really (haha)

I hear a tour is in the works. So with four men on the road, I suspect a lot of junk food, television, video games, and some great performances for the fans. Is the rumor of the tour true? If so, what do you have planned?
Freeky P: Hell yah it’s true and long over due. The plan is to tour across Canada and then go south of the boarder. Maybe Philippines before, all depends on our agents and how they weave our busy schedules together.

For the Moment album
You guys just dropped your debut album “For the Moment” for free because according to Freeky P, “We all know love pays the bills” (lol). I find it quite brilliant. You’re broadening support and gaining fans for the price of one debut album. Who was the mastermind behind that one?
Adlib: We just know how much more important it is to get the music out there, especially to first time listeners and who are we to charge people for our music when so many established artists are putting it out there for free. This album is really our first impression to the world so we got to make it as accessible as possible. Once you’ve had a listen, if you like it, then you have an option to buy it to show your support. Hopefully one day love will pay all the bills (laughs)

You seem like a quartet with a united love of sneakers (shoe game!), music, and style. How did all you kindred souls meet?
Huggy Fresh: Well what had happened was one day Adlib was breakdancing while Freeky P was beatboxing and it just so happened that DJ Relik was cuttin’ it up hard on the 1’s and 2’s…all the while I was taggin’ graffiti on the wall behind him…power went out, and turned back on, looked at each other and were all like…”Yo, this is hip hop…Adlib sing somethin’!” Believe me, there’s no way I could make that up!
*I’m giving them the side eye on this one….Hmmmmm….

Between the group, you have a sound infused with R&B, soul, and Hip-Hop. With all these different influences, I’m sure you feed off of one another. Who are your musical influences, and which member brings what sound to the table?
Huggy Fresh: We all grew up listening to pretty much the same genres of music, hip hop & R&B! We all pretty much bring our interpretation of what we got from those genres to the table. Freeky P brings that raw emcee skill mixed with the body romancing’, Adlib brings that sultry sound yet he raps too, and Huggy (myself) brings that rhythmic change up in delivery cuz just like love-makin’, you gotta switch it up when they least expect it.

Adlib: We all kind of grew up listening to all sorts of music, we all just bring our influences together and it comes out the way it does. We’re all different, but when we come together, it just works somehow. I’m just a big fan of the two of them, and they push me everyday musically and it allows me to excel at what I do, and I’m sure it works the other way around. We all just bring something unique to the table.

Freeky P: We all came up listening to R&B. Me, specifically I was into Jodeci, Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, then later came into hip hop through the bad boy era when Puffy was infusing the two together. I’d like to think that’s where my influences have come from and that I try to transpire that into what we are doing today.

“For the Moment”, like any good music, relates to things that have happened in your lives. People can relate to it because it’s real. Care to tell the stories behind some of those songs? Your choice on the songs and tales, but I do enjoy a good laugh.

Adlib: We really put ourselves out there on this album. It’s some real sh*t! That’s why I think people can relate to it in some way or form. They may not necessarily have gone through the same thing but maybe along the lines of. As a listener, I always connected with songs I could relate with, just tryna do the same. Me personally, I can’t really write about something I don’t know of or been through. You can’t fake the funk! Anyways as far as stories behind the songs, that’s all left up to interpretation, as it should be. (laughs)

Boom Box Saints
I love the song, She Looks Like. From it, I know you guys like an independent woman, but, my sneaker fiends, what kind of kicks would she be rocking for you to do that double take, like Woah! ?

Huggy Fresh: For me personally I pay attention to detail, I have a huge respect for a female with a mean shoe game and it doesn’t have to be Jordans! A mean pair of heels, or open toes to notice her sexy pedicure yeah…Gahdamnit, that’s hot! Cuz let’s be honest, a lotta these girls runnin’ around sayin’ they’re sneaker heads or all about Jordans when they have less than 10 pairs to their name…it’s not swag and it’s not sexy. However I won’t knock you if you do BOOM BOOM

Adlib: She just has to have a kick ass personality! Ok just as long as she looks good in whatever shoes she wears, shit if she looks banging in a pair of Payless, then I’m about it.

Freeky P: Me, I like girls that don’t even wear shoes (laughs) and have nice feet. But mean heels or sandals, whatever, is cool. If she came out wearing some red bottoms that she paid for herself, then I would be impressed. Ormaybe some retarded Euro release Jordans then I would be like “gahdamn!”.

“For the Moment” was your debut album, which is a personal perspective of who you are and where you’ve been. From here, what do guys think the personal message in your music will be? Ultimately, what does Boombox Saints hope to voice to the masses?

Huggy Fresh: We hope to inspire and motivate those who relate to our experiences to chase their dream! It doesn’t have to be music related at all. If it is, then great. If not, then a lane that every wants to drive down. Also, just to have a good time with it, cuz if our fans are havin’ fun then you better believe we’re havin’ 10 times as much fun, poppin’ bottles, and wildin’ out!

Any last words?
Huggy Fresh: Last words? Take your left hand and make an L with your palm facing towards you, now take your right hand and do the same thing except your palm facing the opposite direction, now make the shape of a box! When you see us in the streets, throw that box up and yell out “BooooooomBox!!!” And when you do that, we’re definitely partyin’ cuz that’s love roite thayurr homie! EVERYBODY SAY BOOOOOOMBOX!

Adlib: Go download the album now! And share it with at least 10 people!

Freeky P: Like what??? As if I was dying??? Naw. lol…Hi Mom!!!!!

Note to self: I’ll consider re-wording that question next time. Thanks Freeky P.

Throw your boomboxes up!

~Zoey Flowers

Listen to more Boombox Saints: She Looks Like, Gametime, The Break Up Song and Late Night Creep.

For the Moment album by Boombox Saints

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