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January 31st, 2013

The Old Samurai : short film

by Kevin Hsieh - channel APA

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The Old Samurai : short film

Inspired by lighting-fast duels-to-the-death in Samurai classics such as Sanjuro, the idea for The Old Samurai began with a simple question: What if you could capture the split second between first draw and final blow? For director Benjamin Wong that seed of an idea blossomed into a story about reconciliation, loss, and love, in a film that plays homage to Samurai films both classic and recent. Armed with a 1000 frame-per-second camera, a rain machine, and some amazing locations, The Old Samurai was filmed over three days. Told purely through visuals and a score, The Old Samurai invites you to actively watch and interpret the film through your own eyes. Here’ more about the film:

After a lifetime of war, an old samurai is challenged to an epic showdown with a young ambitious samurai, his worthiest adversary yet. Battle is imminent, but the past could prove to be the old samurai’s undoing.

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The Old Samurai : short film

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