Help fund Lao Children’s Book: Xieng Mieng Adventures

Help fund Lao Children's Book: Xieng Mieng Adventures

Lao American refugee Nor Sanavongsay is looking to print between 500 to 1,000 copies of his children’s book Xieng Mieng: A Sticky Mess. Here’s more about the story:

Xieng Mieng: A Sticky Mess is the comedic origin story of one of the most beloved folk heroes of Laos. A young monk keeps getting in trouble with the head of the monastery who think the boy can’t do anything right. Finally, the young boy decides to turn the tables with the help of a chicken and a little bit of a sticky snack called mieng. What happens next has become the stuff of legend for over 600 years! This is the hilarious tale of cleverness and ingenuity for children aged four and up. This will be the first of 5 stories in the making. The stories will be in English with some Lao words in English phonetics.

As an established and successful artist and designer, he’s looking to raise $3,000 to print the book in softcover, 6″ x 9″, 32 pages, and black and white. If he can reach his stretch goal of $10,000, he’s doing it in color. (What kid doesn’t want their storybook in color?) Did you know after 40 years since first coming to the US as refugees, there are still less than 40 books by Lao Americans regarding their heritage, their journey and culture. This is a key step to address that.

You can help fund the project here.

(Thanks for the tip Bryan W.)

Help fund Lao Children’s Book: Xieng Mieng Adventures (with a little more funding it could turn into an animated series