Is MC Jin a Christian Rapper now?

Is MC Jin a Christian Rapper now?

MC Jin discusses his thoughts about being asked if he is a Christian rapper. (He talked about this a few years back, but it’s a recurring question in interviews.) Rather that focusing on being labeled as “Christian rapper”, he chooses to focus on glorifying God, spreading the Gospel, and seeking to obey God. However, if you choose to call him a “Christian rapper”, he’ll rock that as a badge of honor. With his new music, he’s clearly put his old self behind him and wants to encourage believers and act as a testimony to non-believers. As you listen to MC Jin’s new music, hopefully some of his words will touch your heart.

Listen to MC Jin’s music: Feel Good, Strght & Nrrw,Brand New Me, Y.O.G.O. (You Obey God Only), Doin’ The Landry, Nick of Time, When The Lights Come On, Shoot The Moon, Charlie Sheen, Angels, and AIYA.

If you’re curious about his change from Jin to MC Jin, the MC is now redefined as More Christ (MC).

Is MC Jin a Christian Rapper now?

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  1. daewooparts

    JIN is not just a Christian rapper JIN is a dope rapper glad he stands for what he believes in .stand strong bro stand by your beliefs is way more important then going by the numbers

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