The Last Pick with Jeremy Lin x Jubilee Project

The Last Pick with Jeremy Lin x Jubilee Project

Linsanity began one year ago on this day. Against all odds, Jeremy Lin became the biggest surprise story of the NBA. He generated a global wave of support and inspired countless young people to believe anything is possible. Despite his sudden fame, few people know well the person underneath it all — his faith, his work with inner-city communities, his passion to help underprivileged children. In the Jubilee Project‘s latest video “The Last Pick”, they collaborate with Jeremy Lin to help him share his vision and his reasons for giving back to the world.

The short “The Last Pick” is a video about helping others. When we give to others, we often benefit in return. It usually happens when we least expect the encouragement, but need it the most. In “The Last Pick,” Jeremy Lin helps a young boy, Chris, discover his true potential and they learn to be courageous together. We hope the story of Jeremy and Chris will inspire you to reach out to others in your local community and help them grow to their fullest potential.

The Jubilee Project is grateful for the opportunity to support their friend Jeremy. They have come to know him as a man of character and compassion who seeks to use his platform for good. And so this film holds a lot of significance to us as they have poured our hearts into telling this story. Through it, it becomes clear that Linsanity happened not only because of his basketball skill but also because of the integrity and humility beneath it all.

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The Last Pick with Jeremy Lin x Jubilee Project

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  1. thomas

    we all love Jeremy… but it’s a good thing that his ball skills far exceed all his other giftings …… like acting

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