Finger Tips by D-Pryde

Finger Tips by D-Pryde

Rapper D-Pryde dropped the music video for his single “Finger Tips”. D-Pryde has got money on his mind and driven to succeed in the rap game. It’s all at his finger tips. Even with all the bullies and haters, D-Pryde overcame it all to make in from his hometown Toronto to NYC. You know where his focus is and it’s undeniable. Once again he teams up with director Rik Cordero to deliver the video.

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Finger Tips by D-Pryde (contains explicit lyrics)

Lyrics to Finger Tips by D-Pryde

[Verse 1]
It’s that chinky jiggy kid that just be knocking at your door
Love for music, love for fam, dumb chicks get no X and O’s
Ou she working, ou she twerking, got them fresh links on
Complicated to read boy I’m webdings font
‘Bout to make it on your TV, you get ghost, bring out that ouija
It’s that Brampton Wayney Weezy, my chick all in BCBG
I ain’t where that PCP be, but I’m high off life and all that
Filthy broke before rap, steelo like I’m Conan
Bang homie! You understand homie?
Up in high school I swear you were the man homie
You used to bully me, said I wasn’t your man homie
Two years later, I get buzz, now you’re shaking my hand?
Boy quit acting like a bitch!
Ambition in a winner’s eyes, real player emphasized
Never doubled, no gemini
D is that man today, style free, you a basket case
I just gets it, gets it easy, I can sleep when I pass away

Money money money I’mma yell it to the grave
Family over everything I live it everyday
Middle finger up, oh they know I’m on my ish
(Got my mind on the money and the game on my finger….tips)

(tip tip tip tip tip)
On my finger, tips

On my finger, got my mind on my money and the game on my finger, tips

[Verse 2]
NY swag, TO kid
And she just tryna lay boy, frito chip
Crack music, one verse is like a kilo bitch
He got the top spot? Baby we gon deebo it
Gimme that, gimme this, need them queen Elizabeth’s
Tryna get that Hov money tryna just get diddy rich
Drug dealer outfit, look like I pushed fifty bricks
Chinatown my hood too, Moving how I should move
She felt it in her stomach, I call my D that good food
Rep my town and city, that’s Brampton to Toronto
All the way to Lower manhattan, Canal street with my-apostles
The first to ever do it, The first to just succeed
He Asian, yeah he made it, But homie he ain’t me
And pryde is world wide, you known in just your town-
Middle finger, pay me
Read my mind ho
I’m thinkin ’bout


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