Friend Zone by the Fung Brothers

Friend Zone by the Fung Brothers

The Fung Brothers (David & Andrew) dropped the music video for their song “Friend Zone”. Are you guys familiar with the Friend Zone? What should you do if you’re in it? In the music video, Andrew’s passive techniques to win a girl’s heart leave him in the friend zone. He does everything a “nice guy” does for a girl, but doesn’t have the boyfriend label. David gives advice to Andrew to man up to get out of the Friend Zone. Get assertive guys. Who knows the girl that is interested in you is the one the you’re ignoring. Look for cameos by Arika Sato and Alice Wen.

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Friend Zone by Fung Brothers

Lyrics to Friend Zone by the Fung Brothers

:00 – :15
What do you mean no guys like you? C’mon EVERY guy likes you…..All the good ones are taken? No there’s still some nice guys out there. I know there’s at least one…..

0:15 – 0:32
Friend zone. He’s stuck in the friend zone
He’s stuck in the friend zone
He’s stuck in the friend zone
Somebody should tell him
He’s stuck in the friend zone
He’s stuck in the friend zone
This is not a good place

:32 – 1:20
Look at this guy always on the phone
Checkin her Facebook when he’s all alone
He picks her up, drives her home
Been the same for months but he still got hope

Slowly but surely I see the progress
As long as shes single, I’m still a prospect
the time I invested, I’ll make it back
Last night we cuddled during Breaking Bad

The whole time she was texting Brad!
You kept a straight face but you were sad
You’re a non-sexual entity
Be realistic, why not Emily?

But Emily’s not as hot as Jen
I’m pretty cool, I deserve a ten
She likes sarcasm, just like me!
She’s kind of a dork! JUST LIKE ME!

She says I’m the perfect guy
Any girl would be lucky to have me
It’s best to start as friends
Plus she always makes me happy

DUDE, she doesn’t find you attractive!
You never told her cuz you’re too passive
Are you a man where’s your dick!?
I’m starting to think you’re a eunuch!

Friend Zone. Am I in the Friend Zone?
Am I in the friend zone?
Am I in the friend zone?
She called me her B F

Yeah that stands for best friend
You are in the friend zone
You are in the friend zone ooh

I spent the time now you’re tellin me to let go?
How can I be so sure I’m in the friendzone?

Well, lets go down the list
You say you’ve been close but you’ve never kissed

She gave you advice on how to pick up chicks!

So she wants me to be with somebody else?
What do you think? Reverse psychology?
You’re like her brother! Reverse biology!!

She’s changed in front of you!, she did look sexy
She didn’t even care cuz you’re her “bestie”
She doesn’t wear make up when you hang out
She wouldn’t even care if you came out!

We did bake cookies, but it was romantic!
Romantic?! Let’s not get into semantics
Relationships are a social contract
You’re a boyfriend with no physical contact

(Melodic) 2:08
I did everything a boyfriend does
But I never got boyfriend love
Now I wonder if I should end it
Was this truly a friendship?

Of course it was, and I feel no shame
But I wanted more, so I feel the pain
But do you know how hard it is
when the one you love doesn’t feel the same?

2:24 – 2:42
Friend zone
I am in the friend zone
I am in the friend zone
Why’m I in the friend zone
What the hell do I do?
Am I stuck forever?
Why is there a friend zone?
Who made up the friend zone?

You not assertive, that’s why
You shoulda acted like a black guy
Black guys! Never in the friend zone
They always score in the end zone! TOUCHDOWN!

You could pull back, become unavailable
Become a douchebag, like she’s replaceable
Make a move and you’ll make her choose
To win, you have to be willing to lose

I don’t know if I’ve got it in me
What will I do? My life is empty
I know a girl, her name is Emily
She actually likes you but she’s not as pretty

What you want me to lower my standards?
It’s about personality, you shallow bastard!
Would you rather be happy or end up spiteful?
the prettiest girl is the one who likes you!

3:14 (melodic)
Yeah I know, Emily’s cute
We’re so compatible
I was blind to the truth
Call it irrational

How could a girl that would never date me
Be the one that would validate me?
While ignoring an amazing girl
Doesn’t that sound frickin crazy?

Friend zone
I was in the friend zone
He was in the friend zone
I was in the friend zone
He was in the friend zone
Now it’s good to be out
Like I’m free from prison
Self-imposed prison ooooh

Friend zone
He was in the friend zone
He was in the friend zone
I was in the friend zone
He was in the friend zone
If you’re in the friendzone
Do your best to get out
Cuz you only live once…YOLO

“hey jen, what was that? You broke up with brad again? That’s too bad. Oh no, I can’t go shopping right now I’m out with Emily. Gotta go bye!”

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