Break It Down by Traphik x Twankstar

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Ayy, Tonight
Im in the booth just messin’ around
Turn up the beat now, as I freestyle
Watch me as I break it down (like this)

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Me and the boy Traphik, about to drop a classic
Big black guy and an asian dude
You gon’ get that ass kicked
No racial bro
I think the hate me
Though I push love, peace, skeet, and cheese
That’s one hell of a facial low
Groupies gettin’ denied
Unless you bangin’ Tim and Ricky
Shout out to D-Pryde
Don’t know why they think he be beefin’ with me
Got a lot of hate
Trumps everybody else
Cause everybody’s favorite version is everybody else
Other than me, the quote on quote official winner
But if you were to Google me, You’ll see I’m no beginner
Still in the race to fame, I keep it real, I’m no pretender
Cause the money I have earned from there
Wouldn’t buy me a TV dinner
I got not beef with T-Pain
Though I’m livin’ the same
Just tryin’ to get my bank account
To catch up with me, man
My name, my beats stompin’ like a migraine
Haters get off of my wang
Get it in wack rappers, You the furthest from my brain
Be weird, If I changed, Be scared, If I reign
Cause won’t nobody be at the top but me, myself, and Irene
Cause I will sit on you
I really will, that’s how the saga ends, that’s how B O gets killed
The End, leave haters pissy like, D Pins
We win, the challenge over as soon as I begin
Tonight I’m goin’ out in the town
And upload it to YouTube to show you how it goes down

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Ayy, Tonight
Im in the booth just messin’ around
Turn up the beat now, as I freestyle
Sit back as I break it down (like this)(x2) [Traphik]
I got a pocketful of tots and a date with Lafonda
Some killer dance maneuvers and a grill that I shined up
Got to book a studio session and rap till my times up
Then I drop the latest single, everybody gon’ line up
See I’m not worried about a deal, It’s all politics
That royal penis clean baby, Come polish it
She call me daddy, every time I’m on top of it
But when I’m at the Maury show
The test results say the opposite
And when I’m cookin’ a verse
Im never eatin’, never sleepin’, always puttin’ in work
Tryin’ to leave my legacy before im put in a hearse
And you know my family and my girl
I’m always puttin’ them first
You might hate the way I do it, I’m not losin’ my passion
Cause I’mma keep on crusin’ till my Fusion gets crashed in
Or maybe trade my Fusion in and get me a Ashton
Either way you will not punk me
Don’t confuse my with Ashton

neem leaves online [Hook]
Ayy, Tonight
Im in the booth just messin’ around
Turn up the beat now, as I freestyle
Sit back as I break it down (like this)(x2)
Break it down break it down baby sit back as I break it down(x4)