Lifted by D-Pryde

Lifted by D-Pryde

Rapper D-Pryde released his first single “Lifted” off his upcoming EP “Canal & Richvale”. This is one of his favorite songs on his new EP, so he choose it as the first single. It’s brings an uplifting feeling of the summertime, so why not bring it to everybody as his first look for my EP? Get lifted. Look for a music video and his EP coming soon.

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Lifted by D-Pryde

Lyrics to Lifted by D-Pryde

(Verse 1)
I stay
Murder down to the socks, outfit killer
Homicide, god I’m fly, tell me why you’re into
Let me act up, back up, tell em I’m a threat this year
Yeah I rep a coast but I’d rather rep a hemisphere

Feel the feeling though, I know it’s in your veins
Come and bring your girls, catch a little fade
You know I’m here if you need that break to turn to
I know you got work, forget your curfew

Cause you can stay up up
Let me raise this roof that we be under
When the street lights come-on, until the sun come up
if they do it like us, know that we could do it better
I know the parties started when I entered
So tell em

I can turn you, all the way up, if you’d like me to yeah, let me do it
They hearing the sound, we’re around, even when they tell you turn it down
I want you to pour up, chill out and get lifted
get lifted yeah yeah yeah

(Verse 2)
Young college girl, what’s your life like
All eyes on you like it’s fight night
And you ain’t even looking for the right type
And if them other bitches hating tell em bye bye

I’m Riding high they looking slow
Repping for my city like I’m biggie on that Brooklyn flow
Yeah they staring at me I’m like hater what you looking fo’
They told me that I changed because my cockiness is overdosed

When that beat switch up, I feel just like a million
Dollar bitches holla plus my clique we keep it triilla
if they do it like us, know that we could do it better
I know the parties started when I entered
So tell em



Turn your mood on up
Tell them all don’t kill my vibe
They can come and pour up
Chill out
And get lifted, lifted, lifted

And if the neighbors say the musics too loud
Turn it up for em till the cops shut it down

And girl you looking fine, baby you just shut it down
Shut it down
Shut it down (down)

Every hood, every burb
Tell em pick up the word
And if you give me time
Here’s a memory in return

So baby give me time
Baby now give me time
And baby sit back
And you should know I


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