Middle Finger by Honey Cocaine

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Give a f*ck about nothin’, only my money and fam’
Ain’t the type to get violent but I will f*ckin’ go HAM
F*ck around with my plans, I’ll turn your brain into jam
My homies hit up your man, the tooly all in my hand
You frontin’, I’m leaving, shut the f*ck up
I’m a hustler, believe it, you nothin’ but dust
Don’t get taken, get broken, all for them bucks
No witness, no pictures, them Asians be clutch
Pockets on Casino, my paper on jalapeno
You a f*ckin’ dumb square, no mercy, you gettin’ repo’d
20 gold chains, just got off of the jet
Just got the word from Japan, bitch, it’s 30 a set

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Throw them dollars in the air
‘Cause me and the homies, we on the grind
Throw them dollars in the air
‘Cause me and the homies, we on the grind
Middle fingers in the air, middle fingers in the air
You can catch it anywhere
Middle fingers in the air, middle fingers in the air
You can catch it anywhere

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Ridin’ ’round with four packs, I’m trippin’ over my store stack
This style’s wild, where’s yours at?
F*ck rap money, get more racks…
Dumb b*tches only came for the deal
You think it’s game over ’cause you made you a mill?
B*tch, you ain’t makin’ no bank
Checkin’ my accounts and it’s so tank
Smokin’ on some loud, and it’s so dank
You the b*tch in the club who got no drank
I got my feet in some Js, bitch, I stay hard
My entire life is worthy of a trademark
Gettin’ rich, it don’t matter what the season is
Spending all day with my Puerto Rican bitch

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