You Had Your Chance by Paul Kim

You Had Your Chance by Paul Kim

Singer Paul Kim released the music video for his single “You Had Your Chance”. In the video, his relationship falls apart and leaves a bad taste in his mouth. His girl couldn’t handle being in a relationship and started pull away. She eventually breaks off the relationship and throws it all away. Paul is devastated and exacts revenge on her the only way he knows by destroying her things from her wardrobe to her car. Even with revenge he can’t wipe away his feeling for her. Sometimes love can be tormenting. You can get the single on You Had Your Chance - You Had Your Chance - Single or amazon.

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You Had Your Chance by Paul Kim

Lyrics to You Had Your Chance by Paul Kim

Hello there baby How has it been?
It’s been some time since I could call you a friend
When things got hard you left me high and dry
And then when winter came, you flew to southern skies
Baby you, you were the one
But you got scared and decided to run
Well things done changed
And I ain’t the same
And I ain’t never gonna let you play your games

You had your chance
But you threw it all away
So now you can dance all alone for the rest of your days

And I worked my fingers right down to the bone
To make you happy and build a sacred home
But oh you were foolish you must’ve bumped your head
You packed your things and left me
And this is what I said

Where you baby when I needed a friend then
Someone I could count on till the very end
I gave my all just to keep you here
And I don’t even know why I shed them tears
You broke my heart and left me all alone
And now you on the phone beggin me to come home
Well I moved on so I must say goodbye
But you on your knees and you’re wondering why…

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