True Life with DJ Shy

True Life with DJ Shy

Karen (aka DJ Shy) loves her boyfriend Mickey, sometimes. But when alcohol is involved, a monster seems to take his place. His moods swing from super sweet to completely offensive and you don’t know which personality shows up. DJ Shy struggles to handle Mickey’s Jekyll and Hyde behavior that threatens to jeopardize both their relationship and her career. Can they get past their issues to make these relationships work?

True Life with DJ Shy

True Life Check-In with Karen (spoiler alert)
How has her life changed since filming wrapped

Have you heard from Mickey? If so, how did it go?
Yes, Mickey would text and call sporadically. I usually ignore him, but he would always say something to get a response from me. I’m not sure of his motive for contacting me, but I did let him know that I’m happier now, and wish him well.

How will your relationship with Mickey affect your future relationships? Did dating Mickey help you solidify what you want and don’t want in a boyfriend?
I know what I don’t want in a relationship. I don’t want to date a guy who drinks, smokes or does drugs. It’s a definite red flag.

How is your relationship with your new manager? Are you happy you found new management?
Bucky is great. He is very professional and looks out for my best interest.

How has it affected your career?
It feels like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can now focus on work without stress or liability of having to worry about another person and how he reflects on me.

What was it like sharing your story with us?
Sharing my story was a bit of a roller coaster ride. There were good times as well as lots of bad times, but it was definitely thrilling. The show made me realize there needs to be stability in my life, and I’m glad I was able to walk away without any regrets.

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