454 Life Entertainment x J. Reyez x Lil Crazed x Tommy C

454 Life Entertainment x J. Reyez x Lil Crazed x Tommy C

Over the weekend, 454 Life Entertainment x J. Reyez x Lil Crazed x Tommy C had an autograph signing in San Jose, CA. The fans came out in force. Well over 2000 people came out to mix it up with these up and coming Asian American and Asian Canadian hip hop artists. channelAPA.com got to see the insanity up close and personal. These guys were signing poster, shoes, body parts and stayed until all the fans got autographs and photos. with them. Check out some of the footage from the event. If you were at the event, your picture are probably on their site or facebook.

After the event, 454 Life Entertainment invited us to check out their studios. Not only did they show us the 454 compound, but we also got the inside scoop on upcoming projects and collabos in the works. These guys are grindin’ and hustlin’ daily. channelAPA.com had a chance to chop it up with Thai, Drew Deezy, Nump, IZ, J. Reyez, Lil Crazed, and Tommy C. Even Michelle Martinez was also there. Look for interviews with them coming soon.

BIG things will be coming out of 454 real soon. These guys move quick, so keep your eyes on them. Be sure to peep these music videos from 454: Go Hard, Get Money, I Don’t See Nothing Wrong, We International, and I’mma Be The Best, Like I Never Left, Paper Chaser, This Ain’t Nothin New, and Family Affair

454 Life Entertainment x J. Reyez x Lil Crazed x Tommy C

The Guild Season 4 episode 12

The Guild Season 4 episode 12

It’s the season finale of The Gulld Season 4. Vork’s got a marriage lined up with Zaboo’s mom and just purchased the Guild Hall for $500k. He’s on the rise, but will things fall apart for him. Will Vork end up with Zaboo’s mom? Will the Guild Hall be all it’s cracked up to be? The Guild’s problems come to a head INSIDE the game! Get ready to watch this episode entitled “Guild Hall.” Don’t miss the special guest appearance by a member of The Big Bang Theory, Simon Helberg, who plays Howard Wolowitz. Fans of the show will love this episode.

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The Guild Season 4 episode 12

Don’t miss the music video Game On by the Guild.

Bestie & Speechless by Jay Park

Bestie by Jay ParkSpeechless by Jay Park

Jay Park just dropped two new original English tracks, Bestie & Speechless. The two tracks are on two ends of the love spectrum. Bestie is a R&B love song, while Speechless is a soulful breakup song. In Bestie, Jay Park both raps and sings on the upbeat song about his bestie girl. In Speechless, he delivers some strong vocals as he reminisces about a broken relationship. Jay Park fans will be quick to grab these tracks at only 59 cents each.

Jay Park announces Bestie & Speechless

Bestie by Jay Park

Lyrics to Bestie by Jay Park

every time I’m with yah baby I laugh a lot
such great humor and on top of that damn you’re hot
every cat be staring at you whenever you passed the block
you’re so fly you be chilling with them astronauts
you can never be tamed ever get married it better be jay
didn’t know by now well I said it today
because you’re perfect in every way every day
more than just a girl you’re by my side through my vendettas
soul mates in this jail of love and we doing life together

every time I hit you up
girl you put it down and you love to be around
I just can’t get enough of you
you got me head over heels but I got to keep it real
I really think I’m the man for you
you can be my bestie girl
you can be my bestie girl
you can be my bestie girl
you can be my bestie girl

wanna be with you forever till we’re buried in the ground
wanna put you in my pocket and then carry you around
like you’re moving so much junk in your trunk your jeans sag
every time I see you jaw drops like a scream mask
yeah girl I feel your walk I feel the sparks
be there through everything even late night and the pillow talks
don’t need no directions know the way to your heart if we married
tennis only time I’ll take you to court


I need you I can’t live without you
you’re my everything girl
don’t need anybody else
it’s just me and you against the world
I need you can’t live without you
you’re my everything girl
don’t need anybody else
it’s just me and you against the world

Speechless by Jay Park

Lyrics to Speechess by Jay Park

I know it’s hard to imagine this
to end up without the kiss
from the one that you have loved for so long

I know it’s hard to imagine this
can’t live up to havin’ kids
knowing that the thought is long gone

I’ve come to the conclusion
that we are both losin’
what we’ve come so far to build

And there is no confusion
no gimmick, no illusion
to how sad it makes me feel

I’m speechless
Can’t believe it’s over now
Why did we take this route
happily never after

I’m speechless
Feelin’ far from sober now
I’m gonna be hung over now
’cause nothin’ else matters

Should I drink my tears away
There’s nothin’ left to say
But let’s just hope for a better tomorrow

No plan to make a stay
No not another day
Inaudible drownin’ in sorrow

I’m speechless
I’m speechless

I’m speechless
I’m speechless

I can’t believe I’m still standing
I can’t believe cloud nine’s landing
Lost grip of love when I thought we had this
Friends or not, we’re damaged

We learn to walk and to talk and laugh and cry
Why is it so hard to learn to say goodbye?

I could’ve sworn I was stronger
I wish I could’ve had longer

It’s time to wake up from the dreams
and make up for the things
I set aside when we were together
but everyone and everything
didn’t wanna wait on me
can’t expect a sudden change in the weather


Please help me

Nobody can hear me baby
I cannot breathe
I know God may just take me but
I cannot leave

I’m in this way too deep
to swim myself ashore
I need your help


I’m speechless…

Ktown Cowboys – Bonus Episode

Ktown Cowboys - Bonus Episode

The bonus episode of Ktown Cowboys is finally out. It’s the Bobby Lee episode. After a night of fun in Ktown, the Ktown Cowboys go for some last nite eats. They hit up a Korean taco truck, where they bump into comedian Bobby Lee. Meanwhile, Danny Cho gets recognized for his roles as Kim Jong-Il and a Ktown Hottie. Friends, food and girls. That’s how the Ktown Cowboys roll.

Also check out our interviews with the cast and crew of Ktown Cowboys including Bobby Choy, Danny Cho, Sunn Wee, Lanny Joon, and Peter Jae.

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Ktown Cowboys – Bonus Episode (contains profanity)

Ktown Cowboys director – Daniel “DPD” Park

Amazing Race Season 17 episode 2

Kevjumba talks Amazing Race Season 17 episode 2

Departing from the pit stop in Amazing Race Season 17 episode 1, the teams head to Accra, Ghana. Kevjumba and his dad got more face time this episode. Team Jumba all the way!! With great teamwork and chemistry, they improved in their ranking on this second leg of the race. If you missed the second episode, you can watch it here. Tune in next week to see more Kevjumba on the Amazing Race.

Team Jumba flash their team sign for Phil before talking about their experience in Accra. wu! wu! wu!

Amazing Race Season 17 episode 2

Underground Comedy 2010 with Bobby Lee

We’re starting to see more ads for an upcoming movie called “Underground Comedy 2010″. The film is written, starring, and directed by Vince The Shamwow Guy, (aka Vince Offer). It also stars Lindsay Lohan, Bobby Lee, Joanna Krupa, and Michael Clarke Duncan. The original “Underground Comedy Movie” was a cult classic – which was released in 1999 and critics billed as “The most offensive movie ever made” and “one of the worst movie of all time.”

In this updated remake, Bobby Lee plays the naked Asian guy (see the 59 second mark of the trailer). As part of the film, he’s in the skit “The Adventures of Dickman.” (see the 1:48 mark) The character apparently fights lesbians. He can be seen dropping a woman on a table in the trailer. Not sure what’s going on there.

This looks like a crazy film. Look for it in theaters soon.

Underground Comedy 2010 Trailer