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Help fund Yes, We’re Open film told you about the film “Yes, We’re Open” a few months back. The fourth feature film collaboration between director Richard Wong and writer H.P. Mendoza, “YES, WE’RE OPEN” was filmed on an ultra microbudget over 16 days in the San Francisco Bay Area. The script has a refreshing fun take on love, sex, and weird food. Here’s more about the film:

LUKE (Parry Shen) and SYLVIA (Lynn Chen) are the very models of modern individuals in a metropolitan relationship. Enter ELENA (Sheetal Sheth)and RONALD, the free spirited polyamorous couple who are hellbent on getting LUKE and SYLVIA into bed. A fun slice of liberal San Francisco life told as a sex comedy, but much more sophisticated than a bedroom farce, YES, WE’RE OPEN throws our unlikely heroes Luke and Sylvia into a hotbed of sex, jealousy, politics, sexual jealousy, sexual politics, sex and sex. And if they all play their cards right, there might even be some sex somewhere along the way.

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Yes, We’re Open teaser

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