So you want to know more about channelAPA.com? We’ll do our best to try to answer them. Here’s some frequently asked questions:

Why did you start channelAPA.com?

Find out why we created the site from our first post. In a nutshell, we want to help Asian American artists out there. Most Asian American entertainers are indie artists and don’t get a lot of support from mainstream America. Lots of talented people need support from the community and we want to show them some love.

Who’s behind channelAPA.com?

We’re a small, but growing crew. We volunteer our time to increase the visibility of Asian Americans in entertainment cuz we’re passionate about it.

How can I contribute?

For now, you can help us spread the word on the channelAPA.com movement by supporting us on twitter, facebook, youtube, and google+. Show that there is support for Asian American entertainment in the community. If you feel inspired, you want to join the crew.

Who’s funding the site?

This is a self-funded site. We don’t have deep pockets and aren’t back by major investors. Lack of money isn’t going to stop us from doing what we do.

What’s the future hold for channelAPA.com?

Although we started it as an experiment, we’ve got ambitious plans. Stay tuned!

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