The Crew

Who’s behind

This site would not be possible without the help and dedication of these people. Here’s a partial list of a growing crew at :

Founder – Kevin Hsieh

Correspondents – Kevin Hsieh (San Francisco), Steve Nguyen (Los Angeles), Yuefan Weng (New York), Darienne Arahan, Jason Lee (Chicago), Haylee Thikeo, Emily Saka, and Zoey Flowers .More cities are coming.

Graphic designerJason Carpio

Bumper music in YouTube videosGeorge Shaw

Video editors – Clint Kirk

Consultants – J. Wong, S. Tse, A. Tong

OGs who’ve inspired us – Jeff Yang of A. Magazine (remember Asian American magazines?), Nelson Wong of aarisings, Phil Yu of angryasianman

Join the crew

We’re continually expanding and looking for more ways to have the Asian American community involved. You could be the next person contributing. Do you want to write, shoot video, design websites, create animation or have other talents you want to contribute? Contact us and let us know.

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