Boycott 21

Since its release on March 28th, 2008, ’21’ has been at the top of the U.S box office for the past 2 weeks and raked in over $46MM. This weekend will probably see ’21’ get dethroned as #1 in the box office. The main controversy for this film has been the “white-washing” of the lead roles.

“The main characters of Bringing Down the House are Jeff Ma and Mike Aponte, former real-life MIT students who are both Asian American men. Jeff Ma is played by Jim Sturgess, Mike Aponte is played by Jacob Pitts, and John Chang is played by Kevin Spacey.”

Follow the controversy on this facebook page – Boycott 21

Here’s a clip of the real life Jeff Ma:

In this video, Jeff answers the question “They cast a white actor for your part… doesn’t that make you a race traitor?”

Here’s a clip of the real life Mike “MIT Mike” Aponte

Another interesting group has also landed on facebook – Asians Not Brain-Washed By Media. The list of officers in this group reads like a who’s who of Asian American entertainment. Join the group and spread the word.

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