channelAPA is launched

Comcast’s AZN Television – The Network for Asian America sends its last broadcast signal at 12pm today. AZN R.I.P. (March 28, 2005 – April 9, 2008)

Although AZN is shutting down, channelAPA believes a market still exists to broadcast Asian American Entertainment. We are launching the same time the AZN is closing. This site is as an experiment building an Asian American “channel”. While we don’t have a huge war chest of funds (this site was started with less than $60), we can uncover new and exciting Asian American talent across the country with the help of the viewers of this site. In recent weeks, we have seen JabbaWockeeZ become America’s Best Dance Crew and Cung Le become the Strikeforce middleweight champion. The time to build this “channel” is now. Strike while the iron is hot!

The concept is simple: every day we will try to post a video of interest to Asian Americans such as music, movies, and comedy. If you know of a video or have a video you want to promote, let us know. Email us at

We got some motivation watching Guy Kawasaki’s “Art of the Start” video

As we continue to grow, we hope to “make meaning” and “niche ourselves.”

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