The Killing of a Chinese Cookie

“The Killing of a Chinese Cookie” will be playing at the Chicago Asian American Showcase. This is your second chance to check the film out in Chicago. Next stop for this film is the DisOrient Asian American Film Festival in Eugene, Oregon.

For nearly a century, people have turned to this prophetic dessert for advice, inspiration and even winning lottery combinations. While the fortune cookie has been a source of fascination and a Chinese cuisine staple in North America, it remains nearly non-existent in China. THE KILLING OF A CHINESE COOKIE examines the heated debate over the true origin of the fortune cookie, the mixing of eastern and western cultures that produced it, and the cookie’s rise from a simple pastry to a pop culture phenomenon.

Watch the tailer for “The Killing of a Chinese Cookie”


Watch the full documentary of The Killing of a Chinese Cookie (or get it on amazon)

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