Hollywood Chinese in NYC

Hey NYC! Listen up.

Get yourself over to the Quad Cinema on 13th St. between 5th & 6th Aves. and watch “Hollywood Chinese”. It’s a great film to learn about the history and struggles of Chinese actors and actresses in Hollywood. Read this email we got from the director of Hollywood Chinese Arthur Dong:

Good Morning!

The New York reviews of HOLLYWOOD CHINESE have been overwhelmingly “great-to-raves,” but Friday’s opening night attendance at the Quad was just fair. We need to show the theater that thereĀ¹s an audience out there, otherwise HOLLYWOOD CHINESE will be just, er, history. If you were planning on going during the week, it’d be really great if you can try to come by over the weekend since that’s what management will look at. And please tell your friends, or if you liked HOLLYWOOD CHINESE, come see it again!

Check out some of the terrific reviews below.



What are you waiting for? Read the reviews below from movie critics in NYC:

“HOLLYWOOD CHINESE documentary won’t make you hungry an hour later! Beautifully captures the range of Hollywood’s reflection of Asians, from Charlie Chan, who talked in fortune cookie aphorisms, to Susie Wong, the exotic prostie you ordered, with egg drop soup, from column B.” –Michael Musto, Village Voice

“Groundbreaking! Overt racism collides with the economics of an industry and the perceptions of a culture in HOLLYWOOD CHINESE, a provocative critical survey of the first century of American cinema and the ways that Chinese and Chinese-Americans have been depicted by the industry.” –S. James Synder, “The New York Sun

“SURPRISINGLY ENTERTAINING, “Hollywood Chinese,” a fast-paced survey of how the Chinese have been portrayed in American films from the silent era to the present, is packed with unexpected delights. Filmmaker Arthur Dong offers up a cinematic banquet – everything from tantalizing excerpts from a 1916 film directed by Chinese-American Marion Wong to an interview with 98-year-old Viennese actress Luise Rainer.” –Lou Lumenick, New York Post

“A fascinating exploration of the intricacies of cultural assimilation. Its impressive bonanza of interviewees and film clips make it a joy to watch…Disarmingly lofty from the get-go, HOLLYWOOD CHINESE tackles its topic with visual grace and narrative agility.” –Mark Holcomb, Time Out New York

Watch a clip of Justin Lin from Hollywood Chinese:

Support this film for APA Heritage Month.

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