Filipino YouTubers support

HappySlip, Ninjadrops, LionGali, and “honorary” Filipino American KevJumba, came together to promote the new website kevjumba thought it was “bucket-wise” (Kinda like how Happyslip got her name – from her mom trying to say “half slip”) hahahahah1!!!

Anyway, here’s more on

BakitWhy | Pilipin@ American Lifestyle is a fresh online community dedicated to uniting Pilipino-Americans and friends globally. Whether it’s connecting to our pamilya back home, or creating discussion with our kaibigan in the states, BakitWhy serves as a complete outlet, forum, and network for all Pilipino-American interests.

Watch HappySlip, Ninjadrops, LionGali, and KevJumba talking BakitWhy

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