Thao Nguyen releases Bag of Hammers video

Thao Nguyen’s latest video for Bag of Hammers is featured on the front page of YouTube today.

Here’s a littel more about Thao Nguyen

According to Thao Nguyen, she has two talents: her first is she has a knack for beat-boxing and humming at the same time (Rahzel needn’t worry about any competition just yet though…) and her second, and in her opinion finest, is that she had a capacity to watch so much TV as a kid, she’s convinced her personality is made up of several different sitcom characters. Of course Thao, the 23 year Virginia-bred songwriter, is forgetting her unique voice, natural sense for a good melody, and striking lyrics, skillful guitar plucking and her deadly dry sense of humour. Thao’s debut for Kill Rock Stars, showcases all these talents and more, proving she’s a star in the making.

Watch Thao Nguyen in the Bag of Hammers Music video

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