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Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay DVD release

Harold and Kumar’s latest adventure in now on DVD.

Here’s the synopsis

America’s favorite pothead pals, Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn), return with an uproariously un-PC sequel that skewers everything from racial prejudice to the president of the United States. HAROLD & KUMAR ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY picks up shortly after the first film, cult favorite HAROLD & KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE, as the boys plan an impromptu trip to the Mecca of Marijuana: Amsterdam. There, Harold will unite with the love of his life and Kumar will achieve cannabis bliss. The two soon find themselves in hot water when Kumar sneaks a bong onto the flight and is mistaken for a bomb-wielding terrorist. Indeed, after a run-in with racist Homeland Security agent Ron Fox (Rob Corddry of THE DAILY SHOW), the two land in the hottest water of all: Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. After escaping from prison and fleeing back to the U.S., the two set out across country to get help from Harold’s politically connected former classmate, who is also marrying the girl that Kumar let get away. Along this oddball odyssey they will encounter incestuous rednecks, the KKK, gun-toting prostitutes, and a drugged-out Neil Patrick Harris (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER). But when the ex-classmate turns the two over to the authorities, Harold and Kumar must use their wits–plus a dash of luck and a dose of humility–to earn their freedom, win back their respective loves, and save their friendship.

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Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay trailer

The Mummy Panel at Comic-Con

The cast of The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was present at Comic-Con. Asian actors were there in full force with Isabella Leong, Michelle Yeoh, and Jet Li. Isabella Leong make her Hollywood debut in this film. She learned both English and martial arts for her role. Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li battle each other in what is labeled “The fight that all of Asia has been waiting for.” Jet Li said he didn’t need to do too much. With all the special effects in the film, most of his shots were done with motion capture.

The Mummy Panel at Comic-Con Part 1

The Mummy Panel at Comic-Con Part 2

The Mummy Panel at Comic-Con Part 3

Marigold DVD release

In a “bouncy Bollywood meets Hollywood romantic comedy” (BBC Films), Ali Larter stars as feisty B-list actress Marigold Lexton, who, stranded and broke in Goa, India, after financing flops on her low-budget film, lands a role in a musical to pay her way home. Eager to prove herself, she seeks famed choreographer Prem Rajput’s (Bollywood superstar Salman Khan) guidance, and a whirlwind romance begins…until Marigold discovers Prem holds a powerful, inescapable past—and a future that holds no place for her.

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Marigold trailer

Adventures of Johnny Tao DVD release

Look for Chris Yen (Black Rose Academy) and James Hong (Balls of Fury, Bladerunner) in the Adventures of Johnny Tao.

Here’s the synopsis for Adventures of Johnny Tao

A Kung Fu Fable… Johnny Dow (Matthew Twining) struggles to make a living at his small town gas station by charging motorists to see the electric guitar used by his late father (Jason London), a one-hit-rock and roll wonder. Legend has it that the Guitar, carved in the shape of a dragon’s head, was made in part from an ancient spear his father found in the crater of a shooting star. When Johnny’s friend, Eddie (Matt Mullins), stumbles upon the other half of the spear he releases an ancient demon that takes over his body, hungry for power and destruction. Mika (Chris Yen), a beautiful Chinese warrior who holds the secret to fighting Eddie and his army of kung-fu, sugar-craving warriors, reveals to Johnny that the only way to stop the evil spirit is to use the first half of the spear – the dragon on Johnny’s guitar! Together, Johnny and Mika set out to fight Eddie and his army, reunite the two halves of the spear, restore peace to the town, and – of course – save the world!

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Adventures of Johnny Tao trailer

The Office Panel at Comic-Con

Some of writers/actors from The Office went to Comic-Con. The most notable Asian American on the panel for The Office was Mindy Kaling (aka Vera Chokalingam). She plays Kelly Kapoor. The Indian American actress had one of the biggest cheers as she was introduced. Also on the panel was writer Ryan Ko. Great to see Asian Americans as writers for hit shows like The Office.

The Office Panel at Comic-Con