China Earthquake Relief for Pandas

As a result of the earthquake in China, Wolong Town, a major nature reserve, has been devastated and left pandas as well as people homeless. In an effort to help the already threatened panda population, DVD International is donating 50% of the revenue from sales of its “Ultimate Pandas” DVD to the Wolong Nature Reserve, where the DVD was filmed.

“Ultimate Pandas” was shot on location in China over a four-year period by Gerry Ellis, an eminent photojournalist and founder of the nonprofit, GLOBIO. No one has ever had such long-term access to the Wolong pandas, and Ellis’ up-close-and-personal shooting style makes the footage doubly unique.

“Ultimate Pandas” DVD bundled with an adorable 10’ plush panda is $29.95 with 50% of all sales being donated to the Wolong Nature Reserve. It is available to purchase online at

Watch the Ultimate Pandas trailer

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