Michael Copon and Karen David in The Scorpion King 2

HAPAs Michael Copon (Filipino-American father and a German-American mother) and Karen David (half Chinese/Khasi mother and a father from Chennai, India) can be seen in The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior. Michael Copon plays Mathayus, while Karen David plays Layla. The two are the central characters in the films. The film is described as how the Legend of the Scorpion King Began. (Sorry, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is not in the film.) The movie follows the quest of Mathayus for vengeance against Sargon (UFC Champion Randy Couture). His journey transforms him into the most feared warrior of the ancient world.

Here’s more on Michael Copon’s character:

As a boy of 13, Mathayus (Michael Copon) witnessed his renowned warrior father murdered by jealous rival, Sargon. Vowing to avenge his father, Mathayus trains hard in the Black Scorpions Academy, growing into a strapping young man and skilled fighter. At age 20, Mathayus graduates and learns Sargon has not only become ruler of Akkad, but has acquired black magical powers that stymie Mathayus’ attempt to assassinate him. Convinced that his only hope of defeating Sargon (UFC Champion Randy Couture) is by retrieving a charmed sword from the Underworld, Mathayus embarks on a perilous supernatural odyssey.

Here’s more on Karen David’s character:

A childhood friend of Mathayus and a tomboyish wannabe-warrior. As a young girl, Layla (Karen David) is forbidden entry into the Black Scorpions Academy because she is female. An independent and feisty spirit, Layla is not content being told what to do, however, and she spends the years training on her own in secrecy. Longin for a life full of adventure Layla leaves her fat suitor at the altar and joins Mathayus on his quest.

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Interview with Michael Copon and Karen David for The Scorpion King 2

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