Election Dance Off

Jon M. Chu (director of Step Up 2) kicked off The Biggest Online Dance Battle in YouTube History earlier this year. ACDC Crew vs M&M Cru ended at the Teen Choice Award. Now he’s off to the next dance competition – The Election Dance Off.

In this critical election year, it is important you get out the vote. Whether you are for the blue team or the red team, whether you are Democrat or Republican, choose your party, support your candidate and upload your own crazy dance video to vote at http://www.ibeatyou.com/event/americas_dance_party

This is the FIRST EVER OFFICIAL ELECTION DANCE OFF to determine the age old question: who are the better dancers, the REPUBLICANS or the DEMOCRATS…or as we like to call them, THE MCCAINIACS VS THE OBAMANATORS.

All the videos on both sides will be voted on by viewers and the side that has the most support by November 4th 2008 (The day of the actual Elections) gets the title of AMERICA’S OFFICIAL DANCE PARTY…and bragging rights for the next four years. Check out the McCainiacs, the Obamanators, Brobots 4 Barack, The Palinistas, and more.

Election Dance Off

The dance off might looks like this from MADtv (So You Think You Can Dance – Obama vs. McCain)

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