Jon and Kate plus 8 on Good Housekeeping Magazine

Hitting newsstands on October 14 is the latest issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine with the Gosselin family. The November 2008 issue has the stars of Jon and Kate Plus 8 on the cover. America’s favorite TV family on TLC opens up about life with the kids, the marriage secret that keeps them close, and whether their family will get even bigger.

Over 24 million people have seen the Gosselin family on TLC. Kate, 33, and her husband, Jon, 31, raise 8-year-old twins (Cara and Madelyn) and 4-year-old sextuplets (Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel). Earlier this year, Jon and Kate plus 8 were on Oprah. Also seasons 1 & 2 of Jon and Kate plus 8 was recently released.

Clip from Jon and Kate plus 8

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