Petition to get Asian Americans on L Word

There have been a small number of ethnicities represented on the L word from African American to Latin American, but there’s one segment that the producers of the show have not represented and that is the Asian American group. With the last season of The L Word, a petition is circulating urge the producers and the writers to include some Asian representation into the storyline. The petition wants to join the writers and producers of The L Word with Alice Wu (writer and director of Saving Face) to develop a short appearance or a storyline on The L Word. In Saving Face, Chinese-American lesbian doctor, Wilhelmina “Wil” Pang portrayed by Michelle Krusiec and Wil’s dancer-lover Vivian Shing “Viv,” played by Lynn Chen start a romatic relationship. The petition wants transport the characters of Wil and Viv into the world of the L Word.

For more about the petition, go here.

Saving Face Trailer

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