Katana – Pilot Show

In the dark recess of the Yakuza underworld, a sibling rivalry erupts into a full-blown civil war for control of a Japanese crime family.

In a desperate bid to win, a Yakuza underling (KENJI SATO) does the unthinkable; he kidnaps the daughter of a former assassin, hoping to use him to eliminate his rivals. The assassin however, is his own brother (TOSHIRO SATO), who disappeared years ago to start a new life.

Now forced out of retirement to do his brother’s bidding, Toshiro must agree to Kenjis wishes in order to save his daughters life. He must once again draw the family’s treasured KATANA and use it to eliminate their enemies.

Upon completion of his assignments, Toshiro is told by Kenji that he is not yet done. He must eliminate one more target; their youngest brother, Yoshio.

A climatic showdown ensues when Toshiro realizes there is no end to his brother’s ambition, and that he must risk losing his daughter and kill Kenji before his family is pulled deeper into a life where death is the only escape.

This episode was written and produced by Yuji “Kenji” Okumoto

Katana – Pilot Show

More about Yuji “Kenji” Okumoto

Yuji was born and raised in Hollywood, California. He attended Cal State University, Fullerton where he took his first acting class. He has since been in over seventy five Television and Feature productions including films like, Better off Dead, Pearl Harbor and True Believer. He recently appeared in the TV movie, “Mask of the Ninja” for SPIKE TV.

Yuji’s big break came when he was cast as the bully in, “Karate Kid 2,” starring Pat Morita. The new generations of kids now know him as the dad from the Disney Channel movies, “Johnny Tsunami,” and “Johnny Kapahala.” Yuji also owns a Hawaiian American restaurant in Seattle, Washington called, “Kona Kitchen”.

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