Asian Americans on Lie to Me

In episode 4 of Season 1 of Lie to Me, we saw a bunch of Asian Americans. Here’s a synopsis of the episode entitled “Love Always”

A controversial South Korean ambassador is presumed to be an assassination target at his son’s state wedding. The Lightman team is sent to prevent the murder. Yet the son is shot instead and Lightman exposes long-held family secrets and lies in order to identify the killer — the jealous ex-husband of the son’s wife who was using the potential threat at the lavish affair as a cover.

The Asian American we spotted include Brian Tee as Bodyguard Han Yong-Dae, Tom Choi as the groom, and Kelvin Han Yee as Ambassador Park Jung-Soo. In the past few months, we have seen Asian Americans on House, CSI, and Numb3rs.

Lie to Me – Love Always

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