The Trouble of Romance on Warner Cable

If you have Warner cable, check out The Trouble with Romance. Warner Brothers will premiere Director Gene Rhee’s debut feature film, THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE, today via On-Demand/Pay-Per-View. The film will be available for the month of February on all Warner cable outlets nationally. In addition, the film is set to open its theatrical engagement at the Quad Cinema in New York on February 27, 2009.

In THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE, each story follows the inhabitants of different rooms in one hotel on the same night. In the bathroom, a young woman looking for closure has an emotional conversation with her hallucination of an ex-lover while her current lover awaits in bed. Down the hall, a husband and wife attempt to spice up their sex life, leading to unforeseen consequences. Simultaneously, a bumbling boyfriend commits the ultimate faux pas by inviting his stoner buddies to celebrate with him and his girlfriend on their special night. Moreover, in a separate suite, a young
man’s first encounter with a call girl teaches him why we still yearn for love despite the trouble with romance. Gene Rhee’s THE TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE has a lot to say about romance, breaking up, moving on and trying to recognize when you have found the One!!

The film features a dazzling, talented ensemble cast with members drawn from numerous hit films and TV shows. David Eigenberg (Sex and the City, See You in September); Jennifer Siebel Newsom (Life, In the Valley of Elah, April Fool’s Day, Mad Men); Emily Liu (A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy, Boston Legal, Lincoln Heights, What About Brian); Kip Pardue (Remember the Titans, Thirteen, House, E.R.); Sheetal Sheth (Looking For Comedy In A Muslim World, The World Unseen, I Can’t Think Straight); Jordan Belfi (Entourage, The Surrogates, Christina, Moonlight); Roger Fan (Annapolis, Better Luck Tomorrow); Josie Davis (Twilight, The Perfect Assistant, hasing Tchaikovsky, In the Land of Merry Misfits); Coby Ryan McLaughlin (Women’s Murder Club, Bones, Two and a Half Men, Shark).

The Trouble of Romance Trailer

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